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Bodrum, Gumbet and Bitez Bays
Bodrum, Gumbet, Bitez Bays and beyond


Believe or not, there is a different Bodrum for everyone!

Finding the right one for your pleasure can sometimes be a bit tricky, since you will come across a vast number of alternatives to choose from.

Bodrum is a 4,000-year-old city which was known as Halicarnassus in ancient times. It is located at the south coast of a small peninsula which is also called Bodrum. In casual conversations, people usually use the word Bodrum interchangeably for both the town and the peninsula. This may be confusing for the first timers.

There are more than 25 towns and villages in the peninsula and each of them has its own unique charm, atmosphere, and characteristics.

Take Yalikavak, for instance. It is like an updated version of a fishing town, offering what a modern city could possibly offer. Shopping areas with international brands, a large marina, beach clubs, and nice boutique hotels are all at your service. Even some popular night clubs from Istanbul relocate their operations to the area for the summers.

Yalikavak Marina at the north of the Bodrum Peninsula
Yalikavak Marina, north of the Bodrum Peninsula

10 kilometres to the west of Yalikavak, a preservation area, Gumusluk welcomes you. Surrounded by the natural beauty, it is one of the most authentic places where you can imagine what it was like to live in an Aegean town centuries ago. Even Brutus moved his headquarters to Gumusluk, after the assassination of Julius Caesar.

Gumusluk coast
Gumusluk Coast

Enjoy partying all-night-long in Gumbet and Bodrum.

Enjoy the stunning panorama from atop a mountain in Gurece.

Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere in Torba.

Turkbuku, Turgutreis, Akyarlar, Kadikalesi, Derekoy, Guvercinlik villages/towns, and many more… The list goes on and on.

From the 7-star ultra-luxury hotels to small family-owned pensions, every town offers different accommodation options. There are more than 1,000 hotels and pensions in the peninsula making it more convenient to find the place for any interest and budget.

Similarly, the number of different beaches in the area is quite impressive.

The lace like coastline runs approximately 174km long around the peninsula, forming several beaches and coves along the way. Even if your hotel offers a private beach, checking other Bodrum beaches will be fun.

Yaliciftlik beach to the east of Bodrum town
Yaliciftlik Coast, to the east of Bodrum Town

The above photo was taken at the Yaliciftlik coast, which is popular among locals and domestic travellers, for example. Most of the foreigners miss this beautiful beach since it is 15 kilometres to the east of Bodrum Town and it is not on a busy route for tourists. A long, sandy beach and the relatively cool waters due to local currents makes it many people’s favourite. A very good choice for a hot summer day!

A dog enjoying the se at Bitez, Bodrum
One of the small coves near Bitez


You may be in a mood which requires some quiet time under the hot Aegean sun. Just take a 15-minute walk from Bitez and, ta-da, you have your own – almost – private beach!

Unlike some travellers looking for quality time on a beach at daylight and some fun at night, exploring the vicinity and meeting new people are what matters most to me.

Hiking along the coast of the mysterious Bafa Lake, following the ridgeway of the hills that surrounds Gokova Bay, visiting archaeologic sites like Pedessa, or just wandering around the narrow alleys of Bodrum Town to capture the beauty of the old Mediterranean houses with my camera are my favourite activities. I cannot spend all day on a beach… I have to move!

However, be warned, taking long walks is neither easy, nor safe when it is 40oC or more out there.

Trekking the hills of Bodrum Peninsula
Trekking on the hills of Bodrum Peninsula

If exploring new places and discovering archeologic sites are important for you as it is for me, I would suggest visiting Bodrum in spring or autumn, when the Bodrum weather is more favourable for those kinds of activities.

The majority of the people who live in Bodrum, work in the hospitality industry. They are as busy as bees during the summer, sometimes working 18 hours a day. They have to make enough money in the peak season to live on for the rest of the year.

As the summer vacationers begin to leave the town in September, it is the locals’ turn to enjoy the beauty of their hometown and what it offers.

The Bodrum Cup
The Bodrum Cup takes place in October

The leisure time for the locals starts with the International Bodrum Cup which is the wooden yacht regatta that indicates the end of the summer season. All those chartered gulets during the summer, race around the Aegean waters, creating a beautiful scene.

Cultural events like art exhibitions, concerts, music festivals are organized one after another all through the year. However, some of the activities like hiking and cycling which are very difficult to do under the scorching sun in the summer, speeds up in winter. Dance, photography, art, and language classes begin accepting new students for the coming winter days. Bodrum becomes even more alive!

An exhibition opening in Bodrum
An exhibition opening in Bodrum

What about Your Bodrum?

Everybody has her own Bodrum to enjoy. So many alternatives form nearly limitless combinations.

Here on Enjoy Bodrum, you will find out some information about the different pieces of an amazing and beautiful puzzle. What to build with those pieces, is up to you.

I would also like to encourage you to share your own experience with us. Sharing your happy moments and insights will help us make our adventure even better. Inspire us with your stories and photos by becoming a guest writer of Enjoy Bodrum.

Looking forward to seeing you in Bodrum!

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